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Who Should Be Blamed For The Holocaust?

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Approximately 6 million Jews and 5 million other people starting from the year 1933 were killed. They were put to death. There was one main person responsible for all of this.
Adolf Hitler was a Nazi German leader who attempted genocide and was part of one of the worst wars in history, WWII. Hitler took up the role of initiating the holocaust
which resulted in the death of many innocent people and numerous Jews.
Hitler became leader of the Nazi party and chancellor of Germany. For example,’ ‘ Hitler was never elected, he came second, until President Hindenburg was forced to appoint Hitler as chancellor in 1933.’’ (
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‘ Hitler was then appointed to be chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler started to slowly rise to power. Hitler was also known as leader of the “ Third Reich’’ showing his control over Germany. (
Hitler took over Germany and said he was going to have their back at all times, and he also promised them money, food and luxuries. That’s when the Treaty of Versailles comes in. World War II all began after Hitler invaded Poland.
Hitler made Germany pass an embarrassment. According to The Treaty of Versailles if Germany was to lose the war they would be responsible for all the debts. Germany ended up being humiliated because they did not have any money and all the damage done was blamed on them. (Internet Movie Database) This is where many people started to become assure of the harsh dictator Hitler was. This was one of the reasons why Germany had so much hate for Adolf Hitler. Hitler once again excluding all the killing he did. If they did not obey him, he failed to exceed to his own standards and what Germany expected of him.
Hitler had an interesting life Hitler had a lot of political ideas and because of this he wrote the book “ Mein Kampf “ which formulated all of his ideas/plans. Another interesting fact about Hitler is that he escaped three assassination attempts. (The Biography Channel). Therefore, Hitler was hated by many. Before him and his wife were to get married he ended up having an affair with his half niece. At the time having an intimate relationship with a family member was very common.
Hitler had a very tragic childhood his dad died when he was three and his mom four years later,...

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