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Who Should Get Into College? Essay

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Many Americans, especially recent high school graduates feel it’s necessary to attend college; during their high school career they’ve been constantly bombarded with the many questions of, what college are you going to? What will your major be? No one has ever asked for an opinion on how we feel about college or going for that matter. We get told stories about how much success college will bring to our future, but nobody ever lets us know how hard it will be, or even if we are good enough. Many American believe college is the road map to getting a good education and becoming successful, but although college is essential in getting a good education it’s not the only way we can educate ourselves and succeed. The truth of the matter is college isn’t for everyone; many go to college with the fight of not wanting to become another statistic, or to follow their dreams. Others attend college because it’s forced upon them by their parents, and then those who waste time and money going to school just to say they’ve been. Many may dream about or see college in their future, but some cannot reach a college learning level and have many obstacles to overcome before attending; whether it’s a financial or culture difference reason the good thing about success is it doesn’t come in one shape or form, that’s why they are alternatives to educating oneself and achieving success.
Financial issues can be the main reason why someone wouldn’t want to go to college. College is more expensive than some people might understand. College shouldn’t just be a one day process, it takes time to actually figure out your likes and dislikes, the subject field you’re interested in. In today’s society there’re some opportunities to help pay for college, there’s financial aid, community colleges, work-study options, and scholarship opportunities. “Many high school students today are aware that their parents cannot afford to foot their tuition bill. This is a common reality, but it doesn’t mean that the students themselves can’t afford college on their own (” Which is absolutely true, with the many resources we are available to us we can definitely find it in ourselves to make some sacrifices and contribution to our own education; but another common factor is not everyone is eligible. The process can be discouraging, it takes many years to find your actual calling; but that’s why we have college. It’s more than just receiving a good education; it’s about finding you, putting your talents and skills to the maximum, exchanging ideas, building friendships, and free expression. We all know the longer you go to school the more expensive it is, and we fear the financial burden we’ll have to carry with us in the future. If Americans and especially recent high school students take the time to research the many aspects of college, I have no doubt that the number of people going to college will start to increases. Despite the fact that tuition will continue to rise; us...

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