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Who Was George Washington? Essay

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Who was George Washington?
For being a surveyor, for serving the United States during two major wars, for leading the United States during its early years, and for his loyalty and dedication to presidency, President George Washington deserves the title “Father of Our Country.” George Washington, who first took the oath of office as the president of the United States was a very wise soldier for serving in the French and Indian War which was his first major mission during his lifetime and became the father of our country for leading the United States during its early years.
As a child, President Washington lived in Westmoreland Country, Virginia which was one of the 13 colonies with his parents. He spent most of his childhood on the family estate on Pope’s Creek Plantation along the Potomac River in Virginia. As stated in a biography about George Washington, he studied mathematics, surveying, and “rules of civility” as a child. George lived with his half brother Lawrence in the family estate at Mount Vernon, Virginia after his father passed away. His dream was to go to sea; however his mother discouraged him to do so. Instead, he turned to surveying and securing an appointment to survey Lord Fairfax's lands in the Shenandoah Valley. He helped lay out the Virginia town of Belhaven in 1749 and was appointed surveyor for Culpeper County. When Lawrence was diagnosed with tuberculosis, George accompanied him to Barbados to find a cure for his disease. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find one and Lawrence passed away in 1752. George inherited the Mount Vernon estate from Lawrence. (“General George Washington”)
George Washington learned his military strategies from his half brother Lawrence. The beginning of the French and Indian war gave him good opportunities because he was very ambitious. According to a biography about George Washington, he became popular when he became a commander’s assistant of one of the Virginia’s four military districts. In 1753, Governor Robert Dinwiddie sent him on a dangerous mission to warn the French commander at Fort Le Boeuf not to trespass on territory claimed by Britain. (“General George Washington”) The French and Indian War article stated that George Washington hired Christopher Gist to serve as a guide throughout the journey to Fort Le Boeuf. During the heavy snow and rain, George and Chris reached the French headquarters near Lake Erie. (“The French and Indian War”) They faced dangerous missions and difficulties throughout that journey and when they returned, George was promoted to lieutenant colonel. George was a quick learner and was a great problem solver at the age 22 and he earned respect from his superiors. (“General George Washington”)
“Both the French and the Indians wouldn't give up America without a fight. George Washington's mission started the French and Indian War. Eventually, the French and Indians joined forces and battled against the English.” (Emma)
When the French and Indian war erupted in...

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