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Christina Northrup is a hero in my eyes cause she speaks from experience as a mother, parent and with medical knowledge on how to empower the” you” in women. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 1975 and practices in obstetrics and gynecology; she also is a renowned public speaker and author of Women’s Body’s, Women’s Wisdom, 1994. In this book she talks on ones sexuality, to how women can birth naturally and without medications or needless C-sections, and to become emotionally and physically aware of your own body. Here she lays the foundation for all women in being able to express their own sexuality and being comfortable in whom you are as a women. In 2001 she wrote The Wisdom of Menopause and in 2005 she wrote Mother- Daughter Wisdom. Here she specks of her own knowledge and experience with our relationships between mothers, daughters and how ones unity of mind, body, emotions and spirit connect in all stages of life.
She became my hero for she specks of who I want to be as a person, she guides you on this journey to understand who we are as a woman and truly validates you in nurturing your own physical and emotional health. I as every women has question my parenting style, my self-esteem, my role to everyone as they evolve and how I guide myself along, with my daughters.
In the book Mother-Daughter Wisdom I originally walked away. It was not easy to read for all my assumptions about being a mother were thrown out the door. Such as a real good mom stayed home and took care of the house. In a world of changes being made she gave me the ok to embrace my unique mothering style and that being an combination of both working, schooling and being available was possible and that I could effectively parent my daughters as a mother and the choice was mine. How I choose to lead my family as I do.
Her books brought me back to home and exploring who is Jen? Does Jen have good physical health, am I embracing my own body through all stages of life and am I setting prime examples on to my own daughters and how have I encouraged the emotional health in myself and those skills that I would like to pass on, that just being aware of my own family’s conflict-resolution patterns and not pass them on to my daughters. This can be a lifelong process. As long as I continue to make improvements, I can let the rest go, and to being aware that their experiences are their own and they have a right to their views. That I rather maintain and strengthen our relationship verses always “winning” the argument. I focus on the present and not...

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