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Who Were The Ancient Unitas Fratrum

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The Ancient Unity of Brethren, also known as Unitas Fratrum are among the oldest organized groups. The Moravians origins were organized in 1457 as descendants of these groups. They were spiritual descendants of Jan Hus. A Czech priest who attempted a reform and was killed for his attempts. Hus was a holy martyr whose stand on the Bible was the supreme rule of faith and practice in the Church. He persuaded people that partaking of the chalice was absolutely necessary for salvation, as it was an expression taught by Christ. This belief was taken from the book of John 6:54 that says, " Amen amen I say unto you: Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you."Hus was among many several religious leaders during thing time, including Wycliff, Martin, Lukas, and Comenius. All were religious leaders with like views of different religious rituals. They all believed the Bible was the word of God, and that bonded them. Their views carry on in today's society it's own manner, although all were linked in their core religious beliefs. As for the accomplishments made during this time period, I will discuss those all throughout this paper. For the focus, I would like to discuss the most impressionable person of this time for me, Jan Hus.Also known as John The Goose, he came from meager origins. Hus' father raised geese, which is where his nickname came from. Fighting from the bottom to make his way to the top is something I can readily identify with. Many of us in this class are making that battle uphill towards higher education, from the lower aspect of a high school education. Strongly influenced from the writings of John Wyclif, he stressed the role of scripture as an authority in the church. Although he defended the traditional authority of ordained clergy, he taught that only God was able to forgive sin. At the Charles University in Prage he studied theology, and became an ordained priest in 1401. During this time period the majority of education came from the base given to the religious leaders. Hus was among these people. At this time in his life his positions in the community were flourishing. He held the office of Chaplain of the University and also the Chairman of the Czech faculty. I think what made Hus stand out was his view on the world of the church and how it was being put into order. In his sermons he attacked the abuses of the clergy, which upset many priests and caused hostility. His views were not popular with the Church at all. The archbishop of Prague even turned against him. With all of the people against Hus, he still had several followers.Among his beliefs, he had four main principles; these are the same principles that would later bring his death. Like Wycliff he advocated the right for personal faith. This is a freedom we all take for granted today, but something that would have you burned at the stake in the 14 and 1500's. The thought was that everyone should have his or her own...

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