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Who won the war of 1812? to win a war is no simple task. The War started while the napoleonic wars were going on in europe. The English, whom could not defend canada with much force, the americans realized attacke. So how do you win and lose a war. The definition of win is to be a successful in a result a contest, conflict, bet. have something taken away: to cease to possess or have something such as a job or home. So who was the most successful or which side was impacted more and why was it a large conflict. Who came out of the war more successful or unsuccessful, well that depends in what area where they most successful or unsuccessful, for example in land the british won, and the ...view middle of the document...

British commander Isaac Brock made all of the people in his army wear red coats. The Natives and the “red coats” would walk around the fort to make it look like they more troops than they did. The natives who played a huge role as the americans were scared of them.The This was the first attack at Fort Detroit in 1812 and it went well for the british and The Natives. The battle of Queenston heights in 1813 came next, Broock died in this battle but the british won with the help of the natives again. This just shows how the british would have lost the war without the Natives. The Natives did not get their fare share in the treaty of Ghent because without the natives british would have lost Canada and the war. The british did not push as hard for natives as they should have, they deserved more land and rights and were unfairly represented in the negotiations of the treaty of Ghent. After the War ended they were put on reserves and forced to move further west.

The loss of Tecumseh was a loss to all. Americans were called whom were hated by the shawnee were calle "Big Knives” by their people as they took the Shawnee hunting grounds, killed Tecumseh's father and destroyed the villages. 1786 the Shawnee tribe were forced to sign a treaty surrendering pretty much all there land and some of the best farmland an area now known as eastern and southern Ohio. By 1795 Tecumseh was a war and civil chief. In 1809 American hunger for land again uprooted the Shawnee, an infuriated Tecumseh began traveling throughout the Ohio Valley to rally the tribes in a common defence. In 1811 William Henry Harrison wrote that Tecumseh's ability to inspire loyalty and belief among such disparate people. "bespeaks him one of those uncommon geniuses which spring up occasionally to produce revolutions and overturn the order of things. When the war started his loyalties went to the british and immediately travelled to Canada ”. General William Hull invaded Upper Canada. Tecumseh led an ambush at Brownstown, killing 20 American soldiers and capturing intelligence reports. John Richardson who was just fifteen at the time said this about Tecumseh "there was that ardour of expression in his eye.... that could not fail to endear him to the soldiers' hearts.” Tecumseh joined by Isaac Brock captured fort Detroit. On May 13, he won the battle of Fort Meigs. Brock refered to him as the "Wellington of the Indians.” "A more sagacious or more gallant warrior does not, I believe, exist,” he wrote. Tecumseh's leadership and brilliant victories were decisive in the defence of Canada, and is one of the most famous and respected Natives. The Natives won many battles against the United States.Tecumseh did not fight for the British but for his own people. Canadians(and Americans) have sung his praises, but his most...

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