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“Whoever Saves A Life; Saves The World Entire”

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An individual’s life is extremely valuable to ones self regardless of the circumstances and there are no words to describe an existence of a human being. Purpose of an entity to exist is personal and depends on an individual of what they make of their life and which expectations to except from others if not they. Saving ones life is very crucial in a sense that it can go on to make an entire generation. Latter statement can be portrayed by a quote in the movie Schindler’s List which states that “Whoever saves a life; saves the world entire”. This quote was inscribed on the gold ring that 1100 Jews made for Schindler in appreciation. The gold came from a Jew’s gold tooth which had been melted and molded in the shape of a ring. One life can make an entire generation; Schindler Jews have multiplied over years from 1100 to 6000 in numbers. Schindler saved one life; one life can make an entire generation that it can look back on. Saving one life can save the world entire. In rabbinical saying this quote comes from the Oral Traditions written by the rabbis known as the Talmud. This quote has several meaning that one can define. In a sense, the following essay will define what this quote means to me, my family/community and to the world entire.
Nowadays it’s normal for people to curse at their life and wished that they weren’t into existence. No matter how much it is told by a person to another that life is waste and not worth living, tables turn, and when lying on the death bed if not having a knife stuck down into your ribs lying in an empty alley knowing it is time to leave the world, many will wish that they should have lived their life following the right path and would trade anything for every breath they take. You will not be able to give up your life for someone else because your life is the most important thing you ever had. To everyone, if not certain people, one’s life is extremely crucial even if that person doesn’t know. Many people change and have an effect on their life because of how they see certain people and if god has created the means for an individual to correct their life by seeing another and how they portray themselves then that individual is not only virtuous but has so much to live for. Such example does not only fall or play a role within family or friends but strangers as well. My life is important to me because if I was to die, my death will be a tragedy to my family and to some relatives living abroad. My family means a lot to me so I have to protect myself to keep my family out of trouble, pain and misery. My life means absolutely nothing to the world, my life in the world is like a stranded graveyard, no one cares about me, no one would give up their life for me, and to the world I am just an invisible soul. If I’m gone out of this world, my family and my friends would be the only people to show respect for what I have done. This is what life means to me, life is just there but it’s up to my nature as to what I...

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