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Whole New Worlds: Music And The Disney Theme Park Experience

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The ability to examine academic writing is a skill that college students struggle to achieve. Scholarly writing is often so dense students frequently dread the idea of analyzing the content. Mike Bunn and Karen Rosenberg created essays that aim to teach students how to rhetorically analyze scholarly articles. Each intend to teach a similar idea, but the advice combined is the key to success in any rhetorical analysis. Charles Carson explores Disney's use of music in their theme parks in his article, “'Whole New Worlds': Music and the Disney Theme Park Experience.” Throughout this piece Carson investigates Disney's use of live and recorded music in their theme parks and how the music enhances or detracts from the overall “Disney Experience”. Carson made conscious choices when he wrote this piece that can be rhetorically analyzed with the advice given by Bunn, and Rosenberg. To fully understand the purpose of the article, students can look at these aspects: audience, title, evidence, introduction, diction, and other writing techniques. The reader is able to analyze Carson's paper with these techniques in mind.
Karen Rosenberg discusses how the title is one of the most important things to look at when first approaching a scholarly article. When looking at the title of Carson's piece it brings a sense of nostalgia to the reader. The left part before the colon serves as a teaser to the reader according to Rosenberg. When looking at it, '”Whole New World,”' the reader immediately thinks of Aladdin and Jasmine imagines them singing “A Whole New World” in the classic Disney movie, Aladdin. By beginning with this teaser, Carson is already appealing to the reader's emotions, otherwise known as pathos. This use of pathos is important because it grabs the audience's attention. Rosenberg declares that the part occurring after the colon is the explanation of the author's opinion. The second half of Carson's title, “Music and the Disney Theme Park Experience,” does not do much other than clue the reader in to what the rest of the piece is going to be about. So now the reader knows Carson's purpose is discussing how music correlates to the “Disney Experience.” This is essential to know because without it they are not sure what to look for in the introduction.
Introductions are one of the most important parts of any measure of writing. Karen Rosenberg deems them, as “roadmaps” to the rest of the article will be about. In Charles Carson piece he uses three paragraphs to completely introduce his subject matter. The first paragraph used the same technique as Bunn and Rosenberg. They all start off with a story or description rather than diving straight into dense, boring material. Carson begins with a summary of a specific Walt Disney World Resort commercial dating back to 2004. By doing so he is able to grab the reader's attention by creating a vivid picture of the commercial he described. He investigates the commercial carefully and concludes it was an attempt to...

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