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One bad apple does not ruin the batch; however, in the case of Millennials, the apples that refuse to ripen have damaged the image of all of Generation Y. The poor actions, behaviors, and naivety of some have left many, such as Time magazine, with more negative definitions of Generation Y than positive. Generation Y (or Millennials) is a complex group of people shaped by the rapidly progressing technological advances and turbulent harsh times in the world. Pew Research Group acknowledges this complexity in its definition of Millennials allowing them to provide a more accurate description.
A “tethered generation” is the description that is undeniably associated with Millennials because of their technological dependence. It is difficult to define an entire group of people without considering the factors that contribute to our behaviors and lifestyle as a generation. In Kathryn Tyler’s similarly titled article “The Tethered Generation”, she explains that technology supports the existence of millennials, “To prepare for millennials, it’s important to understand how cell phones and computers have changed their brain development, the enormous role their parents play in their lives well into adulthood, and what policies and training programs” (Tyler, “The Tethered Generation”). Millennials’ minds and habits formed around technology. They learned to problem solve by consulting the Internet to find answers to questions at a rapid pace or easily can contact a friend or family member on their smartphones for advice.
The rapid pace at which Millennials solve problems created a generation that also needs constant feedback and praise. The need for constant feedback and praise is often misunderstood and criticized. Time magazine made this criticism evident in their defining of Millennials, “They’re narcissistic. They are lazy. They are coddled. They’re even a bit delusional”. Time magazine looked at this characteristic of Generation Y in a negative manner. When in actuality it has created a positive characteristic in this generation as Julie Hanus points out in her article, “The Kid in the Corner Office”, “here’s a generation that wants to get feedback, have input, and engage in meaningful work” (Hanus, “The Kid in the Corner Office”). The need for feedback has created a generation that desires to consistently improve themselves and the world around them.
The need for...

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