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Who Is Jack The Ripper And What Impact Did He Have On Societ?

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Who is Jack the Ripper and what impact did he have on Society? Jack the Ripper isn't a real person; it's just the name that people associate with the murderer of several English prostitutes who were murdered in 1888 in Whitechapel, England. We call the murderer by a nickname because we don't know his real name. The first sexual serial killer in history was never caught. The only way we can try to piece together the puzzle the Ripper has left us is to examine his murders and known movements, and his impact on society can only be determined by surveys.It was Bank Holiday Monday, August 6, 1888. For England's hard working middle-class, it was a day to relax, possibly visiting relatives or spending a day at the beach. For the poor in London's East End slums near Whitechapel, it would prove to be a day full of unbelievable rumors followed with prayers hoping that they are just rumors.Waterside laborer John Saunders Reeves was descending the stairs of the George Yard Building where he lived at 4:45 A.M. to go to work early when he found the body. All he saw was the body of a woman lying in a pool of blood before he rushed to get a policeman. When he returned with PC Thomas Barrett, they were both utterly horrified when they got a closer look. The woman had been stabbed in various places at least thirty-five times! This is the first murder that Ripperologists credit with the unknown being known only as the name given to him by the press (the one that he even chose to use himself in letters to the Central News Agency), Jack the Ripper!?! Dr. Timothy Robert Killeen arrived at the scene at 5:30 A.M. to do a quick examination of the body before it went to the mortuary to discover that the woman had been stabbed thirty-nine times! When at the mortuary, he concluded that the woman had died of hemorrhage and blood loss.Henry Samuel Tabram later identified the body. It was his wife whom he had been separated from for the last thirteen years. Even though he had been separated from her for quite a while, he was moved when he saw her body. When asked why he had started to cry, he replied, "The sight of her body was enough to make anyone shed a tear, sir." Martha Tabram was supposedly drunk and looking for money at the time of her murder. She was a prostitute (just like all the other victims there would be) and all that we know of her last movements were told to the police by her friends, who were prostitutes.Even though the people were incredibly shocked at this gruesome murder, nobody had expected what a horrible line of events was to follow. Newspapers gave the murder a few days coverage, but three weeks later on August 31, 1888, they would have much more to talk about. Jack the Ripper had struck again! It was around 3:40 AM on Friday morning (August 31, 1888) when two carmen, Charles Cross and Robert Paul, stumbled upon the body of a woman lying at the end of Buck's Row. Neither man could tell if she was dead or just drunk due to London's famous fog, so they...

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