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Who Is More Addicted To Drugs, College Females Or Males?

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The research topic that I have chosen is who is more addicted to drugs, college females or male? This is a very interesting topic because there are a lot of college students with addictions to drugs, and it will be interesting to find out which gender is more addicted and what kind of drugs they are addicted to. This is a serious matter because these addictions could jeopardize their future. The users may commit crimes, go to jail, or they might commit suicide due to depression or shortage of drugs. The results are compelling yet educational. College communities and states should look into these results and try to prevent these college kids from ever becoming addicted in the first place. I believe that the female gender has a more addictive approach to drugs. The reason that I feel this way is because females are more emotional, they tend to dwell on things, and have a more depressive behavior. Drugs may be an alternative that a female would use to not feel sad or depressed. Another reason why I believe that females are better candidates for being more addictive to drugs is because they might be in an abusive relationship, or they may have a career that is correlated with drug use (prostitutes, strippers, etc.). Taking drugs may be a way for them to release their pain and feel "better."This research was supported by the University of Texas-Pan America. The researchers examined 9,313 college students, both males and females (3,083 males, 6,230 females). The participants were asked to answer a questioner which consisted of thirteen items that the students had to rate on a scale of 0-100. The thirteen items included evaluating how addicted the students were to drugs, sex, alcohol, being in love, coffee, cigarettes, gambling, and food in general. If a student chose close to one hundred that would mean that the student was addicted to the most extreme, if a student choose a number close to zero that would mean that this student was not addicted at all, and a rating around fifty would be moderate.The results revealed that females were not the ones with the strong addiction to drugs. In fact, the males were much more addicted to drugs than females were. The study clearly shows that the males scored higher on every drug that was presented. The male gender scored higher in the usage and addiction to amphetamines (AKA speed), alcohol, barbiturates, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. This study shows how important gender difference is; it showed that men are more likely to admit to addictions than women, which also might mean that the male gender is more honest. Also, in this study men scored incredibly higher on gambling and sex. The only items that females were addicted to more than males was being in love, chocolate, coffee, cigarettes, and food in general. This study also shows that men are more adventures into trying new things and that they have a more addictive personality towards the things that they enjoy, and like. Also, a person would think that...

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