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Who Is Prometheus? Essay

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Prometheus, which means Forethought, was the son of Titan Iapetus and the ocean-nymph Clymene. Prometheus was sacrificed to the gods after they took-over the Titans. He and his brother, Epimetheus, which means Afterthought, where spared because they did not stand with their fellow Titans during the war with the Olympians. It is said that Prometheus was a god before Zeus ever took over his Throne of Eternity. Prometheus had no Roman name, only a Greek name, Prometheus. He was one of the few gods that only had a Greek name and no one knows why.
Prometheus and his brother were giving the tasks of creating man. Epimetheus was responsible for making the animals and Prometheus creating man. Epimetheus was giving all the power to give all the animals and man uniqueness such as speed, strength, wings, claws, fur, and shells to cover the inner bodies. Prometheus created and molded man from clay and Athena blew life into the figures. Epimetheus used all the gifts on the animals leaving nothing left for man. Epimetheus asked Prometheus for help, so Prometheus made man stand upright like the gods. This unfortunately was not enough to fend off the animals. Zeus despised man and wanted them to die off. Zeus felt if man had gifts and knowledge, it would only bring misery to the mortals and Zeus asked Prometheus not to interfere.
Prometheus could not stand to watch man suffer so Prometheus asked Zeus if he could take some of the sacred fire for his creatures. Zeus refused and said that fire was only for the god. In retaliation to Zeus' refusal, during the night, while all the gods were asleep, Prometheus made his way around the slumbering Zeus. He then made his way to the hearth of the gods, and grabbed the fire. Being a god, he was not harmed by the fire. He pulled out the stock of a fennel, that he had prepared earlier and put the fire in it. He made his way past Zeus, and all the other sleeping gods. Prometheus ran out into the night. He walked all night, and at the break of dawn, finally reached earth. He came upon a group of humans preparing the mornings meal. He handed the stalk of fennel to the eldest of the group and told him what it was, and how to use it. Prometheus began the long journey home. By this time, Zeus had awakened, and discovered that the fire was gone. Prometheus felt pity on the mortals and despite the of the repercussions from Zeus, he gave the mortals bricks, woodworks, showed them how to decipher seasons through the stars, carriages, ships, sails, and also provided them with healing drugs, precious metals from the mines, animal sacrifice, and art. These are only a few things Prometheus did for man. Because of the fire, mortals were able to see in caves, fend off animals at night, and cook their food. With this gift, mortals began receiving respect for the immortal gods except for Zeus. Prometheus also showed the mortals how to cheat the gods of sacrificial meat portions. He made Zeus chose between two piles...

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