Who Is To Blame In Romeo And Juliet?

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Who to Blame for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet

The deaths of Romeo and Juliet didn't really need to happen, as it
wasn't them, but the people around them that were fighting and
disagreeing. Romeo and Juliet did their best to keep out of the
violence but the people around them such as family friends and the
local community that were making them unhappy.

Romeo is a young teenager of the Montague Household, who falls in love
with Juliet, a Capulet whose family are ancient enemies of the
Montagues. He likes to blame misfortune for everything that goes wrong
after he kills Tybalt, he then realises how serious his actions were
but prefers to blame fate rather than himself.

"O, I am fortunes fool" (Act 3 Sc 1)

Killing Tybalt was Romeos biggest mistake as it led to him being
banished from Verona and that meant that he couldn't see Juliet
anymore without the risk of being caught. Romeo can't be blamed for
killing Tybalt as he was determined to fight with Romeo and when he
refused Mercutio stepped in, they fought and killed Tybalt. Later when
Balthasar tells Romeo the news of Juliet's death he says "Then I defy
your stars" (Act 5 Sc 1). I think this means he isn't going to let
fate determine what happens to him anymore.

It seems that Romeo is either not afraid or just doesn't care about
his actions in the balcony scene he risks being caught by the nurse
and then again in Juliet's bedroom when Lady Capulet is looking for

Juliet is a Capulet not yet fourteen. She is gentle, loyal but is very
clever and has a strong mind when she first meets Romeo she falls for
him instantly. She asks him to marry her knowing full and well it
would be against her parents wishes, as they want her to marry the
County Paris. It shows she loves him and cares for him, as she is
concerned about him being caught in the balcony scene.

"The orchard walls are high and hard to climb

and the place death considering who thou art" (Act Sc3)

She thinks differently from Romeo in that she doesn't blame fate for
the things that go wrong, she blames her birth as a Capulet.

"Prodigious birth of love is to me,

That I must love a loathed enemy", (Act 1 Sc 5)

Whereas Romeo had Friar Laurence and friends to advise him, Juliet has
to make all her own decisions, with the nurse offering little or no
help at all. Romeos parents seem very loving but Juliet's parents,
especially Lady Capulet seem very cold hearted, they force her into
marrying Paris giving her no choices

"She shall be married to this noble earl" (Act 3 Sc 4)

Juliet visits Friar Laurence and is happy with his plans for her and
Romeo because she was unhappy and upset about marrying Paris.

"Oh bid me leap, rather than marry Paris,

From the battlements of any tower" (Act 4 Sc 1)

Friar Laurence's plans for Romeo and...

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