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Who Is To Judge What Is Right And What Is Wrong?

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Since there are so many "moralities" as there are people and cultures, who is to judge what is Right and what is Wrong? Whose morality do we ought to follow and why?

To answer this question one must first come to a clear understanding of the meaning of right and wrong- a topic that has become so subjective and distorted that it is practically impossible to clearly define. Individuals have come to create their own morality so that what is right to one may not be considered right to another and what is wrong to one may not necessarily be wrong to another. This is partly natural because I do believe that we all possess a conscience that can be used to guide our thoughts and actions. That conscience however, is often developed over a lifetime of life experiences, molded by things such as parenting, religious influences, cultural/societal influences, etc. This relativism exists as an undeniable part of humankind. Take slavery for example, once widely accepted in America, it is now considered wrong. Yet, there are still cultures and countries today where slavery still exists and it is part of life- most don't give it a second thought.
My Christian upbringing leads me to want to say that there are moral absolutes, but I personally don't subscribe to that way of thinking. Killing is wrong- but if a man is about to detonate a bomb that will kill hundreds of innocent people, and the only way to stop him is to kill him, what should one do? Would it be considered "right" to kill him? If one didn't kill him would they be "wrong"? It's difficult to say, it...

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