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Who Moved Me Essay

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Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, tells the story of how our surrounding environment changes, how we need deal with these changes instead of adapting to it, and how to succeed in life. In this story there are four characters: two mice, Sniff and Scurry and two litter people Haw and Hem, all of them looking for cheese in the maze to survive. Every day, they put their jogging suit and their running shoes to find their favorite cheese. The two mice use the try error method, they went to one corridor at the time and if they do not find cheese, they moved to another corrector. However, the two litter people were behaving more as human. They used their logical thinking to find their cheese.
When they find the Cheese Station C, the two mice were getting up early and go there to get their cheese. However, at the same time they were noticing that the amount of cheese were reducing thus they decided to start looking for another station ahead. On the other hand, when the two litter people found Cheese Station C, they just relax and assume that the cheese would be there forever. One day all cheese were gone. This does not surprise the mice because there were noticing the change and were adapted for it. However, when the two litter people saw that all the cheese disappear, they get frustrated and start to complain and blame each other. It was hard for them to find a solution because they do not move with the cheese. Nevertheless, Haw decided to move on and start the journey again alone because Hem was afraid of change.

Each character is different from each other. To illustrate, Sniff is the one who has the ability to notice changes quickly and adapted to it. Scurry is the one who like to do everything on time and take action. Moreover, Hem is always resisting change because he is afraid of changes. He feels that change lets to something worse. Nevertheless, Haw has fear but learn to adapt to new change because he seems that change can lead to something better.
This story uses the word maze as a representation of the time that people spend to pursuit their happiness or goals. Also, it could be a representation of the organization that you want to work for, the surrounding environment, the relationships of your life, and the society where you live. Moreover, for these four characters the maze is where they live and where they looked for cheese every day. The maze was filled with all kinds of things and nothing was predictable. They might find the right corridor or be loose. It is more like our society where anything could happen without expecting it. No one knows what is coming next in the next couples of seconds. Thus, we have to be aware that in the process of pursuing our goals and happiness, we would face a lot of obstacle and difficulties. Also, that at any time of our journal we may be stocked and unable to move and only those who are adapted and capable to deal with this obstacle would move on.
Furthermore, the...

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