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Who To Blame For The September 11 Attacks

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The event that occurred on September 11, 2001 was a tragic and heartbreaking scene for the American people. Americans were distraught and an outbreak of fear and devastation swept the nation. Conspiracies have alluded to blaming the government for this catastrophe; however, some controversies put the sole blame on George W. Bush. Many Americans used him as a scapegoat due to emotional instability or timorous feelings towards the attacks. In response to the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, George W. Bush positively influenced and reassured the American people that America was strong and that the United States would stop at nothing to find who was responsible for such acts.
There is speculation that there was an assassination attempt on George Bush the morning of the attack. When George Bush was on his morning jog, a van full of Middle Eastern men arrived at his hotel for a poolside interview and gave the name of a secret service agent that wasn’t heard of by another agent. When the men were redirected to the public relations office, the van turned away, ("An Interesting Day: President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11”). Bush was in Florida to promote his new education program. He was promoting it by listening to a second grade class read, “My Pet Goat”, at an elementary school in Sarasota, (“Global Research”). Bush claimed at a town hall meeting that he was aware of the first attack because he saw news coverage of it on a TV at the school ( Many criticize Bush for his initial story to the attacks on the World Trade Center because the first crash was not broadcasted on live television therefore his story was considered false. Bush was also under heavy scrutiny for his lack of preparation for the imminent attack from Al Qaeda. People became angry with Bush after the people learned that months before the attack, he received a brief from the Central Intelligence Agency stating that an attack from Al Qaeda could be coming, but Bush dismissed it (Eichenwald, Kurt. “The Deafness Before the Storm”). At 9:06 AM in the morning, Andrew Card notified Bush that a second plane hit the tower and that the nation was under attack. As the minutes passed in the classroom, George Bush sat and listened to little children read. This was a rational decision made by George Bush to analyze the given scenario and come up with the next step to come up with a solution to the calamitous problem. Based on the circumstances, there was not much that George Bush could do. Bush had to act and he had two scenarios. He could’ve ran out of the classroom, scared the children and arrived at his destination thirty minutes earlier or he could remain calm, come up with a solution and handle the situation with some logical thinking. Those thirty minutes of George Bush’s time were not going to save the people in the twin towers. Only George Bush knows what exactly was going through his mind when Andrew Card notified him that the nation...

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