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Who Was The True Shakespeare? Essay

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The Shakespeare name is known by almost everyone. The true identity of the great writer is still a mystery. There isn’t a single picture to portray the true identity of Shakespeare. When you look at the pictures they are different and resemble someone else. We know that he was a well educated business man, knowledgeable in the law and Royalty just for starters. The man credited with the works doesn’t poses these qualities. Over the years, more people ask the same question, who was the true Shakespeare?
The William Shaksper born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564 was given the credit of Shakespeare’s work seven years after his death. William lived in a small town where there were few educated men. (James/Rubinstein 1) His parents were unable to read or write, which greatly hinders the idea that they educated him at home. (James/Rubinstein 1) We lack proof that William or his family owned any books or read any. (James/Rubinstein 6) We are lead to believe that he did attend a free school until he was about the age of twelve. There isn’t any documentation to support this, besides the words of his first biographer. (James/Rubinstein 4) There isn’t any documentation that he attended any school after the age of 12 either. (James/Rubinstein 1) We are sure that he was a businessman, landowner, and owned shares in a London theater. (James/Rubinstein 3) There isn’t any proof that he actually wrote any playwrights for the company nor performed in any. Over the years, we are still unable to find any proof that he wrote Shakespeare’s work or was even a writer of any kind. (James/Rubinstein 17) We have found six signatures belonging to William Shaksper of Stratford and none of them match each other or spelt like Shakespeare‘s name. (Allen XIII) The signatures where on his will and other legal documents where he was suing people. There is very little documentation to support his life. There is about seven years that we cannot account for in his life. It is called the “lost years“ and it heightens the curiosity of the researchers to find some documentation. No one acknowledged his death, nor did anyone write a eulogy acknowledging as being missed or a writer. He laid in a nameless grave for years until he was credited with the writing. They then moved him to the church cemetery. With all the inaccuracies in the information it has led people to believe that someone else wrote the amazing works. Only a few of the suspected people really stood out when I researched it.
Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury in 1954. (Blumenfeld 10) He was witness to a city that had life altering movements in religion, royalty, and government. (Blumenfeld 11) Marlowe attended the King’s School that was refounded by Henry VIII. (Blumenfeld 11) He was able to learn Latin and Greek as he studied at the King’s School. (Blumenfeld 18) Marlowe went on the to further his studies at Corpus Christi College. (Blumenfeld 21) He was a writer and started to introduce...

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