Who Do You Think Is The Hero Of This Novel Gatsby, Or Nick Carraway?

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Who do you think is the hero of this novel Gatsby, or Nick Carraway?
Give full reasons for your choice

I believe that "The Great Gatsby" is a book about a man, Gatsby that
had an obsessive love over a woman, Daisy. It is about catching his
"unattainable" vain dream and completing his goals. So in my opinion
the main hero of the story is Gatsby and not Nick Carraway.

However even if this novel is written about Gatsby, we should not
underestimate the role of Nick. It is only through him that we get to
meet Gatsby; he is the one who is making him "great" for us. Even
though he is trying not to be a biased narrator, we like Gatsby when
Nick likes him; we have a slight dislike for him when Nick dislikes

Nick is more of a spectator than an actor in the story. He is just an
observer that through him we get to know the other main characters of
the novel. He remains apart from the romance of Daisy and Gatsby even
though he is the one that brought them together. He is distanced from
the other characters so he could be able to write objectively about
them. This fact creates us a complicated point of view, as in the one
hand is not a biased narrator and in the other hand his opinions
influence ours. This makes us to extend our judgment not only in
Gatsby but also in the narrator Nick.

Nick is also another great mystery in the book. We know very little
about him and as the puzzle of the history of Gatsby is solved; our
interest in knowing Nick's story gets even more intense.

His narration is rich in detail and it is realistic. Even if he
sometimes gets carried away with the events, "I was enjoying myself
now. I had taken two finger bowls of champagne and...

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