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If something was given away for free, would you then pay an outside source to retrieve it? The common sense answer would be no or at least not much. Paying for something free is ignorant, especially when the person who gave it away doesn’t even want it. They gave it away frivolously for either religious reasons or no reason at all. Unfortunately, not that many people have common sense. Today buyers are spending thousands and thousands of dollars on something they already possess, just to commit to a standard society has claimed relevant. Hair weave, hair extensions, fake hair, and wigs are known for being the biggest money maker in the hair industry. With prices ranging from $9.99 to $1,000+, it is ridiculous that women spend all the money they have to get someone else’s hair attached to their head. Human Hair can be collected for retail by donators who either knowingly or unknowingly know their hair is going to be on someone’s head. If these commodities are being acquired for free then why aren’t they more affordable to the public? That is why the price of hair extensions/weave should be brought down to a more affordable and economical cost.
Hair extensions, weaves, fake hair, and/or wigs can stem from various places across the world. Commonly, pure human hair is collected from areas in Asia, Eastern Europe, and India. Those are where the best quality human hair can be found. Although there are no limitations to where quality human hair can from, the Far East is known for their good quality. Extensions/weaves/fake hair can either be manufactured to seem like human hair or can be human hair. Both processes are complicated; creating fake hair or collecting human hair is not easy. Fake hair (non-human hair) manufacturers deal with trying to make as close as possible strands of human hair with synthetic fibers. These synthetic fibers can vary with a disability to have heat on them or the ability to be styled at high, but mild, temperatures. Then there is the option of human hair. Human hair used for hair extensions can be classified as either Virgin Hair or Remi (Remy) Hair. Virgin Human Hair is identified by the way it is collect and how it is not processed/treated with chemicals. Remi hair is identified for being processed with chemicals that allow the hair to have longevity. The price range on hair extension can vary on how “real” the hair is. The faker the hair the cheaper the price; Hair extensions that are pure Virgin hair could have buyers spending as much as thousands. Question is, who is buying hair at such large prices and why are they doing so?
Human hair isn’t like air, water, or other elements that come free in this world. Neither is it like produce that should be marketed at an inflated cost. The sole victims of vanities tricks are women who are just trying to fit the world’s sick standard of what is beautiful. There is not a woman in the 21st century who does not know what hair extensions/fake hair are. Why? Because society wants to...

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