Whose Role Is It To Develop The Skills Needed By Future Professionals?

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"It is …commonly asserted that students are ill-prepared for the future workplace and that they need new kind of skills to perform well" Stasz et al. (1996:1).In the light of this statement, whose role is it to develop the skills needed by future professionals?Develop the Generic SkillsRecently, the generic skills are become more and more important. People always want to become more valuable and secure. The future workplace has been changing quickly. However, students are always ill-prepared for the future workplace and they needed new kinds of skills to perform well. Therefore, it is the role of the universities, students and companies to develop the skills needed by future professionals. This easy will outline several points of this. First, it will introduce the definition of the generic skills, and then it will discuss the role of the universities, students and companies. Finally, the essay will talk about the skills needed by future professionals.Generic skills means to helping students learn how to learn. The skills are to be developed through learning and teaching in the different subjects, jobs and learning areas. In addition, it also can refer to many different learning situations. There are many categories of generic skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, planning and organizing skills, technology skills and so on. According to NCVER (2003) generic skills are very important today, because jobs are demanded adaptability, initiative, and the capability to take in hand many different jobs. "They are not as narrowly prescribed and defined as in the past and generally they are more service oriented, making information and social skills increasingly important." (NCVER 2003, P.60). As a consequence, developing generic skills are indispensable for students who want to get a valuable career in the future.Firstly, it is the role of the universities to develop generic skills. Every university can teach the different generic skills. Teachers always help students to learn the skills for their future work. The lecturers can teach more necessary skills. In addition, it also can spend more money on lectures and tutorials. According to Jones (2001) the universities world wide in their course and statements of generic skills refer to lifelong learning as a desirable outcome of higher education. " In one sense it can be argued that universities have always been concerned with students' generic attributes, albeit implicitly, in so far as they aspired to produce socially responsible citizens with inquiring well cultivated intellects." (Jones 2001, P. 47). That means universities are paying attention to develop the generic skills. There are several important ways to developing the generic skills. First is the subject, integrated approach that enables students to develop generic skills within the relationship of their training. Then, generic skills development is taught in a unit separates from their training...

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