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Why A Graduate Degree? Essay

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"Why a Graduate Degree?" 1"Why a Graduate Degree?"It is undoubtedly that today's world it much more competitive than it was before. These days, even with a Bachelor's degree, most people still struggle to find a career that suits their interests. By returning to school as a graduate student, you're investing in your future. A graduate degree allows one more opportunities and usually a better salary than does a Bachelor's degree. People often pursue a graduate degree for several important reasons. Most commonly, the first reason is the capacity for better earnings. Also, they wish to develop additional expertise in a particular field to enhance their opportunities for career advancement.I believe that for anyone to ...view middle of the document...

What is more interesting about these findings is that those who hold an MBA, on average earn more than people who hold other Masters degrees. Recruiters report they are offering an average base salary of $75,000 to individuals with MBAs. By comparison, recruiters say they're offering about $50,000 for holders of other post-graduate degrees, and $41,000 for those with undergraduate degrees. In addition, 69 percent indicate they will offer signing bonuses to MBAs."Why a Graduate Degree?" 2I believe that a graduate degree will not only provide a better understanding of my chosen industry but it will help give me greater job mobility, access to positions that offer enhanced job satisfaction. Further, I believe that a graduate degree in business administration will allow me to switch career focus. I believe an MBA will help open doors across industries in ways that my current degree cannot. For example, many people seek a management position after acquiring expertise in a different field altogether. In my case I currently hold a bachelor's degree in engineering. Like me, many people who hold degrees in other fields see the MBA program as a way for career mobility.My dream is to shift to a management position in my area. In order for me to do that, extensive business administration skills are needed. The skills that I will gain in this extensive MBA program will help make my dream a reality. The University of Phoenix offers me a convenient schedule for my busy life. I understand that this program will be a challenge and require hard work; however, my motivation to obtain an MBA will help me to get through any difficulties.

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