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Why A Saab Is Right For You

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1- Avoid Depreciation
A well maintained used Saab saves you a lot of money, because you avoid the huge amount of depreciation that occurs when you buy a new car. Saab is a Swedish automobile manufacturer that is owned by General Motors, and the GM connection is why I wanted a Saab in the first place. The company has an excellent certified pre-owned program to provide you with peace of mind about a used car purchase; in fact, most consumers will not buy a pre-owned vehicle unless it is certified. The car also comes with a comprehensive warranty package that is the best in the industry.
2- Safety is a Priority
For those with safety as a high priority in any budget vehicle purchase, a used Saab is definitely the car to buy. The company is known for its attention to detail in all aspects of safety engineering. For example, most Saabs are built with a floor-mounted ignition, because this is much safer in the event of an accident. In a collision, the driver's knee jerks up into the steering column where the ignition module crushes the kneecap on other cars. The innovative floor ignition placement has avoided this injury almost 100 percent, and that is just one of the many safety features Saab offers.
3- The Car of James Bond
I decided to buy a used Saab, because I had my heart set on the classic Saab 900 Turbo. This was the auto of James Bond in the John Gardner novels that were published in the 1980s. The vehicle was often called the "Silver Beast" due to its custom silver paint job. I really want to get the custom features Bond had in his car, but I doubt I could afford a full armor plated body with steel ramming bumpers and bulletproof glass. Bond also specified black leather upholstery and cruise control, and I could probably have these installed if needed.
4- Save Money, Buy Used
If you buy a used Saab, a certified mechanic should check it out thoroughly before you pay. A vehicle history report is also useful to help you decide whether or not to purchase a particular car. A pre-owned Saab is much cheaper than other cars in the same class. There is no depreciation in value that you would experience when buying a new car, and the insurance rates for a used vehicle are often much less than those for a new one. Buying used is the way to go to get everything you want for the fraction of the cost.
5- Saab Sport Saloon
My neighbor bought a used Saab Sport Saloon, and I liked it enough to start looking at similar vehicles for sale. The Saloon was low mileage with a 1910 cc size engine with a manual transmission, and it runs on diesel fuel. I really liked the steel grey metallic paint job with the custom slate grey leather seats and the amazing fuel economy of 48 miles per gallon due to the four cylinder engine. This car is known for being safe and reliable with excellent performance and handling ratings. The heated seats will certainly come in handy on cold winter days.

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