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Why Abortion Should Stay Legal Essay

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Abortion should be available and a human right! Abortion is a woman's right that should not be limited by governmental or religious authority. Protecting this right is not only a health concern, but also a human rights need. Therefore, it should be considered illegal. I say it should be legal for these three reasons. Abortion should be available because without it, it is a safety hazard. Also, no abortion means more overpopulation and infanticide. Finally, involuntary birth can ruin a woman’s life an is a violation of her human rights.

Abortion is a safety hazard if if it is not legally available. When women feel it is absolutely necessary, they will choose to have abortions, in secret, ...view middle of the document...

In a given year, children (of any age) may become available for adoption because their parents do not want to raise them or because the state has removed them from their parents' households. The number of children adopted in a given year is therefore a rough proxy for the number of newly available "unwanted" children. Legal access to abortion would be expected to reduce the number of unwanted children…” This shows that with abortion there are fewer orphans. Infanticide I is also a problem and abortion prevents it, “Abortion currently prevents infant murder.” This snippet shows, very bluntly that abortion stops in infanticide. Yet another piece of textual evidence proving that abortion helps control overpopulation is, “ Life on Earth is threatened with destruction from overpopulation and the poverty that overpopulation causes. Fortunately, abortion can prevent overpopulation.’ this also shows that without abortion there will be a bigger problem of overpopulation.

Forced conception or birth can upset a woman's whole life, therefore violating her human rights! Some people might say “What about he fetus’s life, they have rights to don’t they?” I say “ What about the woman’s life?” Birth can ruin a woman’s body, education, and financial situation, in the constitution, it says people have a right to peruse happiness and I can tell you that pursuit of happiness is not forced birth. Proof that forced birth should stay illegal because it is a violation of human rights (and the constitution) is in the...

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