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Explains why Americans declared their independence noneWhy America Revolted against BritainWhy did the colonists revolt against Britain? They had many reasons to revolt that they stated in the Declaration of Independence, that was adopted July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence had 2 parts, the preamble which was just an introduction and the second part was all of the reasons for the colonies to revolt. Basically all of the reasons had something to do with the king abusing his rights and privileges to exploit or use the colonies.The whole start of the Revolutionary war began because of the French & Indian War. England spent a lot of money protecting American soil and they figured that the colonists should help pay for the war. The way England got the money was through a series of taxes.The taxes were anything that Britain could think to tax. The stamp act taxed basically all paper products. The Sugar act taxed molasses, sugar, and wine. There was others but I wont go into those till later. The problem with theses taxes for the colonists was they were being made in British parliament were they had no representation. They started the slogan 'no taxation without representation' over Britain's taxes.Another reason was that English courts in most cases would not give colonists a trial by jury. They gave there own people a trial by jury why not give colonists one. They are part of the English empire and should be treated as so. This was not a major cause for the rebellion but it was one little thing, and enough little things can be a huge problem also.That leads into mercantilism. Mercantilism is when a country thinks that the well being of the country is more important than the individual. England never really cared about the colonists they just wanted to keep getting...

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