Why American's Vote The Way They Do.

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The American population defiantly made a huge statement in this year's presidential elections. There are many reasons why the race was so close between Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush. Both candidates appealed to many different groups of people. One great example of why President Bush turned out to be so successful in this year's election can be read in the November 3rd edition of The New York Times. The article "Living Poor, Voting Rich" discusses how the Republican Party has created and maintained a great connection with the American Heartland. They have grabbed the middle-class on issues that rely on strong efficacy, not actual issues that will benefit them. The article discusses how the middle-class is voting for tax-breaks for the rich blindly. The article stated, "They (the Democrats) come across in much of America as arrogant and out of touch the moment the discussion shifts to values." This is why Bush has won the election, strong personal values. The American population loves this about him, it can be seen as his greatest strength by many, but to many that oppose him see it extremely different, he is forcing his religious beliefs on them. John Kerry clearly stood against this. People saw John Kerry as a flip-flopper because he stated that he has strong beliefs against moral issues, such as abortion, but he believes that being President of the United States involves not letting your personal beliefs effect decisions. Most people did not see it that way. America wants a father figure, a truly stern and "morally sound" leader. To just over half of the population Bush is that leader.The Wilson book has a large section discussing Presidential Character. "Every President brings a distinct personality to the White House." The book discusses several different Presidents and how there...

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