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Why And How Arab Spring Became Successful?

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Why and How Arab Spring Became Successful ?

The progress of Tunisian Revolution started with a police officer’s knocking

Fadiye Hamdi and seizing his bench and then Muhammed Buazizi, who is an

Tunisian young man, burning himself and die in the hospital. The groups that

attended to the funeral of Buazizi protested the regime and Zeynel Abidin, who

stayed inefficient to had to resign after the many deaths resulted from conflict.

Zeynel Abidin’s leaving the country caused the first flames of Arab Spring,

which caused a striking exchange progress of the governments and Tunis

became the first country suffering from that. During this first exchange period,

the head of ...view middle of the document...

According to the disclosure made by Bubekr Binsayr, who is the

secretary of High Election Council, there were 4,1 million elector population and

%90 of this population used their voting rights. 14.800 people, including people

from America and EU, observed the selections and according to their reports, the

election process occurred in a peaceful and democratic way.

The results of Tunisian Revolution and Elections

Tunis, which is known as the start point of public rebellion influencing all

Arab world deeply, had its first elections in 23 October 2011. Tunis, which firstly

got colonized by France and then ruled by Habib Burgiga and Zeynel Abidin for

really long times, gave its people to the chance of electing their own presidents

for the first time and En-Nahda was chosen.

Election of 23 October should be accepted as an important step for shaping

inside and foreign policy of ‘’The New Tunis’’. There would be significant effects

of this both for Arabian World and Middle East. Therefore, Tunisian elections

shouldn’t just be look from the point of Tunisian view but also from regional


The process of Tunis’ rebuild was the beginning part of Middle East’s re-

shaping steps and despite all the differences, it can be accepted that it followed

the same path with other countries. It is undeniable fact that in the period of

after election process, the country’s colonization history, previous oppressive

attitude and international relationships built by Bin Ali will affect the

determination of country’s future, which isn’t easy at all. Some actors like

America puts the New Tunis into a dangerous situation for its freedom by giving

the signal for entrance. So, tough times are about to come for Tunis.

The Result of Syria Dead-end

Arab rebellions caused regime changes in a short time in Tunis, Egypt and

Libya; Mübarek was imprisoned and Kaddafi got killed by the rebels ferociously.

As a result of regime change in these three countries, rebellion wave reached to

Syria. However, Syria was different from other countries, which rebellion time

even longer. International powers’ inharmonious attitude towards Syria issue

caused took Syria to the dead-end. Especially Iran’s being unwilling to stop

cooperation with Syria, they had a close relationship since Islamic Revolution

can be accepted as the main reason for crisis’ being ‘’permanent’’. Iran’s this

obvious support causes silent diplomatic crises between Turkey, supporting the

benefits of Syrian people and Iran, supporting Esad regime.

At this point, we shouldn’t regard Iran as the only country supporting Syria

during this rebellion time; especially while Russia and China supports the

protection of Esad regime for their sake, United Stated and Europe Union follows

a policy directly towards to them. If we have a look at before and after Syrian

rebellion, we can see heterogeneous social structure and Syria’s...

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