Why And How The Nazis Persecuted Jews

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Why and How the Nazis Persecuted Jews

The persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany is concerned with the
holocaust, a word that today has a certain aura about it. And rightly
so, in that period, where Hitler was at the height of his control, 5 -
6 million Jews were killed while in captivity, subjected to torture
and starvation, in German death camps. The word Holocaust comes from
the Greek: holo meaning "whole" and caustos meaning "burned", in a way
this word is quite fitting to the whole situation, Hitler's singular
desire to literally burn the whole of the Jewish race off the face of
the planet. In this essay I shall now discuss firstly why the Germans
persecuted the Jews and then how this developed.

Persecution of the Jewish race and anti-Semitism was not a new
concept. Many people still harboured ill feelings towards the race
believing that they were solely to blame for the death of Jesus
Christ. Although at the time I cannot see this been the first thing on
the mind. However there was an historic racism towards the Jews and
many already felt that they were not German but foreigner coming to
steal there had earned wealth off them. For this many felt that Jews
should be got rid of, not necessarily killed but pushed out of the

There was also a certain amount of jealousy among the Germans directed
at the Jews. Whilst the rest of the country had been suffering in the
depression the Jews did not do nearly as badly. And this was in what
seemed to man as there own community, witch spoke its own language,
Yiddish, and had there own political party.

Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats, at of the depression the time
Germans were feeling very sorry for themselves and were looking to
blame any one else but them selves. Hitler said that the Jews and
communists were part of a conspiracy to bring down Germany. Many
people believed this from the wealth of the Jews and communist leaders
like Trotsky had Jewish background. This made the Germans angry with
the Jews and as before led to a feeling of anti-Semitism.

The Nazis also used their propaganda used successfully in the
election. They showed Jews as evil and whipped up anti-Semitism views
into hatred. The Nazi newspaper often had cartoons of Jews doing
malicious acts such as mincing rats to make into sausages. The Nazis
used their propaganda machine to spread existing feeling of
anti-Semitism and spread theories of a Jew-communist conspiracy. It
was used with extreme success to make the Germans jealous, cross and

This all the Nazis the base they needed; this is the support of the
people who due to existing and new anti-Semitism were ready to accept
a basic persecution of the Jews. However the Nazis could not dive
strait into the mass murder of the Jewish race. I will now explain how
the persecution of...

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