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In 2012 19.5 million animals died due to animal experimentation (Animal Testing Statistics). Since then, the number of procedures has slowly continued to increase. Even though cosmetic testing on animals has become illegal, animal testing continues in other areas. Animals are tested on to research cures for multiple diseases, house chemicals, and cosmetic products. Although testing has helped scientific research, it is not always reliable, and there are more accurate alternatives to animal testing.
In a student survey that I took 19/30 students believed that animal testing is wrong. But, only four out of 30 students answered they would be willing to volunteer for testing (even without death ...view middle of the document...

Scientist have created what they call “organs-on-chips” (Alternatives to Animal Testing). These, “chips”, represent how human tissue reacts to chemicals and treatments. “The chips can be used instead of animals in disease research, drug testing, and toxicity testing and have been shown to replicate human physiology, diseases, and drug responses more accurately than crude animal experiments do” (Alternatives to Animal Testing). This citation tells how these cells provide accurate results for how a human would react, instead of how an animal would. If an animal survives or even benefits from any methods to cure a disease, a human is not guaranteed to react in the same way. The disease that develops in a human body, may not have developed in the same way in the body of a mouse (Thomas, 1). What she is saying is if an animal has the same disease as a human and they are both treated, test results are likely to differ. The disease developed differently in the animal’s body and the human’s body.
Another alternative scientists have invented to replace animal testing are computer models that simulate the biology of a human body (Computer in silico Modeling). Like “organs-on-chips” a computer simulator also provides more truthful information than animal testing does. Scientists can develop more methods to test on the computer organs and tissues. Researchers will be able to test on the computer to view how the body would react. So, instead of relying on how a mouse might react, they can rely on how a human’s body would react. This way, neither humans nor animals come into contact with chemicals or testing methods and be harmed.
In cancer studies, animals have been experimented on in order to try and find a cure. This testing has benefited researchers, but with animals scientists can only go so far. Professor Geraldine Thomas says, “animals have been very valuable in developing some cancer therapies but we are reaching a time where we need to start thinking outside the box and developing better human models” (Thomas 1). Admittedly animal testing has helped researching methods for cures, on the other hand, they are not as accurate. Humans do not develop the same way animals do, so the diseases...

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