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Why Are Boat People Such An Important Aspect Of Australia's Migration Experience?

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Why Are Boat People Such An Important Aspect Of Australia's Migration Experience?Boat people is a term (usually) referring to illegal immigrants or asylum seekers who arrive en masse in old or crudely-made boats. The term came into common use during the late 1970s with the mass departure of Vietnamese refugees from communist-controlled Vietnam, following the Vietnam War.Since the 1970's there has been an increased amount of asian migration to Australia. The different backgrounds have made what Australia is today. Immigration has contributed to a rapid increase in population, to significant structural changes in the economy, to alterations in the use of urban and rural space, and to a shift from an almost monocultural society to a highly diverse one.During the times from 1970's to present there has been a complete change with political policies on migration. Up til the 1970's the policy was one of assimilation: immigrants could quickly become Australian citizens (the waiting period is now only two years), and were expected to adapt to the Australian way of life as individuals. This policy failed, because trends to labour market segmentation and residential segregation led to a situation of relative separation from mainstream society for many immigrants. The result was ethnic community formation, with members of national groups living together, using their own languages, and establishing associations and economic infrastructure. Since about 1973, successive governments have pursued policies of multiculturalism, which recognise the legitimacy of a multiplicity of cultures within one Australian society.Australia with the incoming of Asian migration has now experienced the flavours of their cuisine and now some menus have been adopted into our day-to-day meals.Not...

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