Why Are Characters Lonely In Of Mice And Men?

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Can loneliness ever bring death into people’s lives? The answer to that question is yes, it can and it does. Infact, loneliness is what often causes people to commit suicide. In the book “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, many characters are often lonely. But that loneliness is caused by something, something that is common to everyone in their lifetime, maybe even you! According to me, the definition of loneliness is a feeling that naturally occurs when there is no communication between you and someone else, or if you do not like to talk to anyone. This sometimes causes people to create rage (mentally, and physically). This can also sometimes cause death, of yourself or someone else. So ...view middle of the document...

This relates to what John Steinbeck meant to say about loneliness, the fact that people are lonely because of their physical features and in this example, Candy is old and that is the physical feature which makes him lonely, but why is Crooks lonely? Crooks is not old.
The Great Depression caused loneliness, and even deaths. But how does this relate to Crooks? It relates by a lot, in fact Crooks is the loneliest character in this book because of The Great Depression. Crooks is kind, fun, but not happy, he has a crooked back, which explains why everyone calls him Crooks. The time period where everything happened here was the Great Depression. Which is why, there is still segregation between Crooks and everyone else. Crooks is black, and everyone else in the ranch is white. This causes segregation and loneliness. “Cause i’m black. They play cards in there, but i can’t play because i’m black. They say i stink. Well, i tell you, you all stink to me - Crooks”. This shows how mad Crooks is because he is segregated from others. This eventually leads him to the main point, loneliness. This controversy between Crooks and others is what causes him to be lonely. But this problem, started because he was black, or because of his physical appearance. Mental rage was caused because Crooks was lonely, they way he was talking to Lenny, he did not sound very polite, in fact it sounded like he was mad. Speaking of mad, Curley’s wife did not have anger...

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