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Why Are Electronic Health Record's Privacy And Security An Individual Concern?

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For years the medical industry had control of how medical information was preserved. For years past the medical system had control of how medical information was used. The medical records were previously handwritten on paper and stored in file archives. Today medical records are more frequently being stored in a digital format. The digital format varies from document style to databases. Electronic health records quickly changed the medical system and the governing policies that oversees them. Health care providers along with patients have both expressed great concerns that having a centralized location for health records may increase the inappropriate use the stored information. Many of the articles I researched used the constitution, state and federal regulations, and court cases to base the current security measures on health records. The styles of writing among authors varied, but most were written in APA format. Information that was researched came from various government organizations, scholars of business, nursing and engineering. Research performed for the studies ranged from test trials to referencing other published journals. The research suggested why privacy and security were an individual concern with electronic health records?

Different incentives that were used to help boost the use of electronic health records also drove the need to further expand our regulations. One idea was aimed at hospitals to be ready and have updated IT systems to process all the data requests from the patients. This showed how it is up to the hospitals to collect every dime they are entitled to for using electronic health records. This process was aimed at helping the hospital revenue cycles. Furthermore, requests from patients became more complex and demanding as information is transferred from the hospital to the consumer. This led to more data breaches, mishaps and a new style of data mining, which revealed how companies should be transparent in reporting such incidents. This plays straight into the trust barrier people have with technology. The slightest mishap can cause a rippling effect in any one given medical field. Unlike America many other countries have already taken steps to increase privacy protection for their citizens. Studies have stated that the best people to monitor and help build the infrastructure for security is the medical personnel who work in that area. This is why it is crucial that individual states should strengthen the policies and laws that govern the medical fields.

Data mining was one indepth issue on the vulnerabilities associated with different methods of securing electronical data. Research went on to discuss how different techniques are used in data mining. Data mining is a technique in which rhythms and patterns are analyzed to predict outcomes. Studies on data mining techniques stated that different algorithms and mathematical theorems are used to predict outcomes of certain encryption. ...

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