Why Are Mothers Better Parents Than Fathers?

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In Satoshi Kanazawa’s article, “Why Are Mothers Better Parents Than Fathers?” he attempts to explain why men are less dedicated and less committed to parenting than women. His argument is weak based on the inadequate and unreliable information he provides. The result is an article that is humorous at the least, but also lacks the logical support needed to make it a good argumentative article. During the course of this essay, I will address why Kanazawa’s argument is flawed and discuss why no gender is better than the other when it comes to parenting.
Kanazawa begins his introduction with a scene from the 1999 horror movie The Blair Witch Project, when Heather Donahue’s character sensed her ...view middle of the document...

In 1991, 52% of custodial parents awarded child support received the full amount; 25% of them received nothing” (Kanazawa). The problem with these statistics are they are nearly one to two decades old, and they only favor Kanazawa’s view on “deadbeat dads”. Kanazawa failed to mention that “the 2000 census found that the number of single-father households rose 62 percent in 10 years” (Armas).
The first argument Kanazawa makes, is paternity uncertainty is one of the biological factors that make fathers less committed than mothers. Kanazawa states, “Because gestation for all mammals (including humans) takes place internally within the female’s body, the male can never be certain of his paternity, whereas maternity is always certain. . . . naturally, men are not motivated to invest in children who have a distinct possibility of not being theirs” (Kanazawa). He then tries to justify his paternity uncertainty explanation by using the cliché phrase, “Mommy’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe”. Later saying, “…no father has ever been completely certain of his paternity. The best he can say is ‘maybe’” (Kanazawa). Kanazawa makes a lot of blank statements with this first example, and the explanation gives no insight to his initial question. In a sense, he centers his statements around paternity tests which quite frankly cost the same as a large box of condoms so if paternity uncertainty is really the problem, a trip to Wal-Mart or the nearest pharmacy store could solve all questions if we were to really rely on Kanazawa’s assumptions.
The second biological factor Kanazawa gives for the absence of men is their higher fitness ceiling, in order words, their ability to have more children than women can. In his attempt to prove this explanation, he tells the story of the last Sharifian emperor of Morocco who had...

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