Why Are Student Members Of University Senate Exceptions?

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The dorms belonging to the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca are no strangers to some degree of scandal. There have been many cases of abuse of power signaled by the students throughout the years in regarding the dorm regulations as well as the placement of some people who do not qualify to be assigned to a dorm with a higher degree of comfort.
The basic principle in which a student can be assigned a room on campus is simple: a certain faculty has a pre-established number of dormitory places in various buildings, and based on that number it assigns its rooms to the students who have obtained the highest grades in the previous academic year. There are some exceptions to this rules, as disabled, orphaned or senate and student council members have priority. However, this priority simply states that students belonging to the categories previously mentioned are guaranteed a place in a dorm, but not in a dorm with high comfort. Initially, the top students in a year (the number of students depends on how many rooms a certain faculty has) receive placement in the best dorms, such as Economica 1 and 2, Sport XII, or what is commonly known as the A dorms. This is often not the case, as the privileged often take these spots for themselves.
In September 2013, the dorm Economica 2 had officially opened its doors on the 28th. Regulations clearly states that apart from the buildings assigned by the comittee to remain open during the summer for students who do not leave Cluj-Napoca during that period, all dorms are to remained closed, and nobody is allowed inside except the guard, the administrator and the cleaning staff. Claudia, an European Studies student in her third year recalls that the day she came to occupy her place in the dorm, this wasn’t the case. „It was quite chilly outside and they wouldn’t let us in at first. Placements started at 8 and i had arrived at 7, so i had to stay outside to freeze for an hour. When they let us in, we still had to wait for, i think, half an hour, because the placement commitee of the dorm hadn’t arrived. I thought that maybe there was traffic or something, but then i saw the elevator doors open and three people came out. One looked like he had just woken up.” Technically, students are not allowed within the dorm until the official accommodation day but, as the case shows, some students are the exception to this rule.
In 2011, Senate member and the student responsible for accommodations in Economica 1 and 2 Alexandru Vis was the target of what he calls “a bad joke” when an ad stating “selling dorm rooms legally” was put online on the website piata-az.ro, along with his personal contacts. As it turn out, the contact information was false, so no further investigation was brought into the matter, although some speculate that the prank was just the spark that would have hopefully set the fire and started to shed some light on the alleged corruption that goes on in the dorms. But one student, who wished to remain...

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