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Why Are Super Bowl Commercials Important And Popular In American Culture?

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Why are Super Bowl commercials important and popular in American culture? The Super Bowl is historically known for having high viewers. There is an average of 112.2 million viewers watching the game (Marketing Charts). Americans are anxious to watch this televised game because there are many high profile companies that broadcast their new commercials and upcoming products. Most of these advertisers are portraying their products as a luxury or as a necessity in the everyday life. Advertisement companies influence buyer’s choices by portraying their luxurious products as a necessity. It is evident and clear that consumers acquire products that enhance their image and prestige. In other words, ...view middle of the document...

Commercial Description: The 2013 Audi commercial presents a young boy going to high school prom without a date. The boy is given self-assurance once his father decides to give him permission to drive his Audi S6. When the teenage boy arrives to the building where the event takes place, he decides to park in his principal’s parking spot. When entering the building, he also decides to randomly kiss the prom queen; he did not think about the consequences that he was going to face for committing this unplanned action. At the end of the commercial, Audi expresses the young boy’s actions by stating, “Bravery. It is what defines us.” The young boys seems to come from a lower middle class family since his father and mother are both dressed as businesses casual and own a nice home.
Prom is a special occasion for many seniors who are on the path of graduating from high school. Parents see this event as one step closer to adulthood because many parents feel that once prom had passed, their children are closer to graduating high school. Upon graduation come growth and responsibilities. Prom is important in American culture because many Americans idealize this event as a transformation to maturity and adulthood. Students as well as parents place a great importance to this event because it allows them to purchase expensive clothing, rent cars, and celebrate their future accomplishments. Therefore, Audi can be characterized as a company that sells products that showcase a status symbol. Reason for this symbol is because “[w] hen an object (or puppy!) either costs a lot of money or requires influential connections to possess, anyone who possesses it must also possess the necessary means and influence to acquire it” (Solomon 544). Although Audi does not target a specific age group, their target audience is individual’s whose insecurity level is low. The father believed that by lending his vehicle to his son, he was going to help him feel less depressed and gain confidence whether he had a date or not. Adulthood indeed plays an important role for many parents in society because it allows them to see the growth of their children.
“Bravery. It is what defines us,” is the motto that Audi expresses at the end of the commercial. Throughout the commercial, Audi demonstrates how their vehicle allows their consumers to gain confidence and courageousness when driving their vehicle. For example, at the beginning of the commercial, the young boy was not assertive about attending prom because he was going alone. While his mother reassured him that it is more common to go alone nowadays, his younger sibling disagreed. Therefore, when he received the keys, his self-esteem rose so high given that girls who were in the limousine next to him now acknowledged him. This self-esteem gives him the courage to go kiss the prom queen in front of her boyfriend, as well as the fearless act of parking in his principal’s parking spot. These rebellious scenarios display...

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