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Do you know that feeling you get when you're driving and you just happen to pass a police officer? Of course you do it has happened to all of us. It's a feeling of nervous helplessness. You quickly look down to see if you are going the speed limit. But it's to late, there's nothing you can do now you are at the mercy of the police. This is how I feel every night I come home to the dorms. I feel this way because every night there are campus police waiting outside the dorms. They aren't just patrolling the area they are parked right in front of the dorms. To me this feels like lack of freedom and privacy. Although campus police are here to help students feel more comfortable and safe I think that they do the opposite and are not needed at all.I understand that abiding by the law is a way of life and everybody needs to do this. But I think that there is a certain point where the law can be to close. I am a freshman here at the University of Wyoming and living at the dorms I feel very uncomfortable with the campus police here. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if I just saw the campus police driving by every once and a while. But it is everyday that I see cops staked out in front of my dorms just waiting for someone to make a wrong move so they can write a fine for some insignificant action. It is totally outrageous that we as students do not have more privacy than this. I don't know what the students of this university did to get their right of privacy taken away but I really believe it is time for a change. It is time for us to get our privacy back and a major part of getting our privacy back is getting rid of the campus police.Every Tuesday in the university's paper, "The Branding Iron" there is a section called Crime Report written. This part of the paper describes some of the offenses that the campus police caught people doing in the past week. I think it's a great article and very interesting. The only problem is that I have never read anything about how the campus police are catching people stealing or vandalizing. The only thing I've read about is how many kids they have cited for underage consumption of alcohol. To me this picture doesn't seem right I thought that the campus police was here to catch bad guys from doing malicious or violent acts. Personally I would much rather read about how they caught some kid stealing a lap top computer or someone vandalizing property. I would feel much more confident and safe if they used there time doing these types of things rather than citing kids for underage consumption of alcohol. Instead they just sit in their cop car waiting for some kid to stumble or someone who isn't walking a perfectly straight line and give them a ticket. I guess that's all in a days work for the University of Wyoming campus police.I'm by no means a cop hater, I think that the police are a very vital part in every community. It's just when I feel that they start infringing on my rights that I get concerned. For example my...

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