Why Are You Interested In Pursuing This Graduate Program At The Mc Coll School Of Business?

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Why are you interested in pursuing this graduate program at the McColl School of Business?

I am interested in pursuing your Executive MBA program to become a more effective leader. I recently made application to the IRS for 501 c-3 non-profit status for MEDSYN®ORG with plans to conduct charity fund-raising events beginning next February. I am confident that this graduate program will ensure that I meet my personal and professional goals.
In 1992 I created DSS, Inc. mail-order nutritional supplements business, which led to launching the Powerstar™ brand of nutritional supplements in 1994. The company grew at a rapid pace and exceeded 8 million in sales revenues in less than 10 years. I led the team as President and CEO to success until I sold the business in 2007. I am Founder and Executive Director of MEDSYN®ORG, a holistic health care business which shares medical qigong (pronounced chi kung), spiritual tai chi, and inner alchemy ...view middle of the document...

The importance of values and integrity and transparency in serving others has special meaning to me. I appreciate the flexible schedule which alternates Friday and Saturday classes, and your elite team of professors and staff. I have enjoyed my academic journey at Montreat College and plan to graduate Magna Cum Laude in May.
Upon graduation at McColl, I want become an effective community leader. My non-profit is about helping the less fortunate to lessen or eliminate the detrimental effects of “dis-ease” and has the potential to reach out and help others outside this region. I truly see an opportunity to become more effective in my non-profit organization with the learning tools your program brings to the table. The success your school has had in forging alliances with local business leaders, the Entrepreneurial Leadership and the Executive Leadership Institute programs should aid in the development of my business. I like the Cohort Experience and Nonprofit Consulting Projects features as well. I have thoroughly reviewed your degree requirements and find your program to be complete.
Effective communication is one of the most important aspects in any business action, and I hope to enhance that aspect both in and out of the classroom at Queen University’s McColl School of Business. In today’s global and competitive business environment, managers/directors are continuously challenged to stay ahead of the game. To achieve that, they are required to be jacks of all trades, rather than aces of one. As such, I believe I have much to contribute from my diverse work and personal experience, and I believe I have the team-player personality to do it. In this context, one of the things I like most about Queen’s McColl School of Business is the embrace of collaborative leadership and teamwork. I feel this is an ideal setting for sharing with and learning from others.
Thank you for allowing me to present this essay to you for consideration of my entering the EMBA program at Queen’s University. I look forward to the enrollment process!

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