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Why Augustus Caesar Was A Better Ruler Than Julius Caesar

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The two greatest leaders of Rome are without a doubt Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar. These two men have defined leadership for a country. Many other countries have modeled their ethics and used them as their own to better themselves as a whole. Without these two men, our world would not be the same in just about every way. Although these two men were both great, one of them was better than the other. Although Julius Caesar was a dominant leader, Augustus Caesar was certainly the better leader.
Julius Caesar was said to be a great ruler. Julius Caesar conquered many great lands. Some places that Caesar conquered was lands such as Britain, Gaul (modern day France), Egypt, Syria, Pontus ...view middle of the document...

“On January 10–11, 49 BC, Caesar led his troops across the little river Rubicon, the boundary between his province of Cisalpine Gaul and Italy proper. He thus committed the first act of war.” (Arnold, Joseph) These actions that Caesar performed played a major role in the reason of his death. His fellow senate man wanted to kill him because he was growing too powerful as a warlord dictator. Augustus Caesar was not like this, which led to the senate to be fond of him.
Augustus Caesar was said to be a great ruler. “Augustus (23 September 63 BC—19 August 14 AD) was the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruling from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD.” (The British Museum) Augustus Caesar was responsible for the founding of the Golden Age of Rome, which was an era of peace which lasted a little more than two hundred years. “The feeling of relief produced by this reconciliation of the dynasts and the widespread longing for a settled peace are perhaps mirrored in Virgil's Fourth Eclogue with its vision of the new Age of Gold that seemed about to dawn.” (Stockton, David) This vision created by Augustus Caesar became a legendary revelation done by no one else before. If Julius Caesar were to continue his methods of ruling a dictatorship instead of a democracy were to continue, then Rome might have fallen sooner than expected. Augusts Caesar made sure that Rome would continue to survive for hundreds of years to come by creating the Golden Age of Peace and welfare.
Augustus Caesar was a better ruler than his father Julius Caesar. When Julius Caesar was assassinated in March of 44 B.C., Gaius Matius said “'If Caesar, for all his genius,...

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