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The people who become an ESL teacher the interest that I found in these occupation is that you can help people who don’t know a language you can help the not matter what their age are kid and adults that are trying to learn. A different language and to change their way of thinking that they cannot learn more on other things they can be to help other teachers and tell them about it so they can help you as a teacher.
“Employers almost always require that applicants be licensed, certified, or registered in the occupational areas that they teach. They also require experience and skills in the field being taught” (salary). There something that they’re going to be changing over the time like the way of teaching but it would help the same way to other people that need if “They often require new teachers to complete some coursework in teaching methods. Colleges and universities may require a master's or doctoral degree. These are something’s that you can get a job and things that you need to get a job. Preparation To work as an adult and vocational education teacher, you typically need to: have a high school diploma or GED; complete at least two years of college courses; have work experience in the area you are teaching; and have a teaching license if you want to teach high school students. Education after high school most adult and vocational education teachers have at least two years of education beyond high school”(ESL). They are others occupation’s that can be used to as an ESL teacher or other things that can help others learn another language and make them be better and that they have a lot of changes on their lives that require “training required varies by state and by the subject or trade being taught. While many adult vocational education teachers do not have advanced degrees, some may have as high as a master's degree. Most have a bachelor's degree. In general, they real on their work experience to teach others a trade. If you would like to teach in a high school, you need at least a bachelor's degree and a teaching license. Most schools require adult basic education teachers to also have specialized training in adult basic education. To teach at a four-year college or university, you need a master's or doctoral degree (PhD)” (MED).
“Education level attained Percentage of workers in this occupation* Less than high school diploma 2 High school diploma or equivalent 12 Some college, no degree 19 Associate degree 8 Bachelor's degree 35 Master's degree 20 Doctoral (Ph.D.) or professional degree 4” (Esl).
“National data for other teachers and instructors (SOC 25-3000).Work experience
many adult vocational education teachers have many years of experience in the field they teach. For example, you can teach others to become plumbers through an apprenticeship program. However, first you need to work for many years as a plumber. Military training the military train’s people to be training specialists and instructors” Training lasts two to 14 weeks,...

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