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Why Be An Artist? Essay

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Finally after four years of high school, I have made the decision of what field of study I want to dive into. It was a tough decision. But now I am in college and I feel as though I have made the right choice. We all have to do some job for this society, so I choose to be an artist. Being an artist is not easy. Artists are frequently productive. So why did I choose to be an artist?
I am a highly creative person. Ever since I was a child I have been creative. When I was eight-years-old, I started to draw my own cartoon characters. As a result I began to create short books about my characters. At this point, everyone knew me as the cartoonist. People would always come up to me and ask me to draw them. When I was ten-years-old, I started to combine Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Movie Maker to make short animations. When I turned fourteen, I started to use Adobe Flash to make animations. With the help of my friends, I created a series of animations. After two years, I stopped making as many animations as I used to because I was attracted to music production. To this day, I do a little bit of animation and music production, and I enjoy preforming it.
I have become more right-brained because of my childhood. As a result to that, I am a surprisingly visual person. I have many ideas and I do not just want to stick to one field in art. I enjoy drawing, painting, printmaking, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, sculpting, videography and music production. For this reason, I am in the process of achieving a Bachelors Degree in Art.
Another motive to why I want to become an artist is because I want a job that fits me. I do not want a boring desk job, nor do I want an exhausting labor job. I can not sit down at the same desk everyday and fill out paper work. Doing the same thing everyday would drive me mad. I do not want a labor job because I do not want to hurt myself, especially my back. Since I am a creative person, I want to surround my self with creative people. Working with people who are bored would just bring me down.
I need to enjoy my career. I am expecting to see myself waking up every morning, looking forward to work. If I do not like my job, I will have no motivation at all to even show up. Another reason I will enjoy a job as an artist, is because I will be creating culture instead of consuming it. I will be part of the entertainment business. People in the entertainment business has a strong influence in our culture and I would love to contribute to our culture to better it.
If we have passion doing something, why not make the thing I have passion in my career? I am passionate about art. I could put a lot of time and energy into my projects. There is nothing better than seeing the end result of a project when it took an unbelievably long time to create it. Even when its not my own.
Another thing that is causing me to have more passion in making art is showing people. I am not saying this passion is...

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