Why Biking Is Bad For You

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Everyone between the ages of 14-50 years, around the world should not be required to use bicycle as his or her main form (define) of transportation.It would take longer for everyone to reach their destination when riding their bike rather that using a train/bus/car. It would all depend on how fast or slow you ride your bike and how far you have to travel. Everyone rides at their own pace. It would take especially brger for older people to ride their bike.It would be tiredsome for one when riding the bike everywhere. If one had to get from point A to point B and if the distant is 10 miles, by the time you would get there, most people would not be able to walk. So even if you started out fast you would get tired and end up slowing down.Consider the changing weather. How would you get anywhere on a bike if it is snowing or raining outside. How would people in Alaska travel anywhere if there is snow all year long. If you would not have a car as a way out you would either walk or be stuck at one place even if you had a car as a way out, it would be like throwing your money out the window because you would have to pay insurance on something that you are not even using.It would be dangerous because if you are on your bike and there is a truck next to you, since you are on your bike you will be easily missed because the bike is so little. You could...

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