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Why Buddhism Is Making An Impact On American Culture

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People need religion because it gives there lives purpose. A religion gives its followers meaning for their lives, something that the lost souls of our modern world are otherwise lacking. Buddhism allows people to be completely independent of any laws other than the ones they create for themselves. Thus taking away from the mundane and constricting aspects that many religions relate too. Religion can provide many great things that are beneficial to society. One great thing Buddhism provides to its followers is a sense of fulfillment within ones self. Offering many great techniques that involve meditation that have been proven to release immense amounts of stress. On famous Buddhism center in the UK says that “The reason the mind needs to be this strong and this focused is so that the meditator can fully develop a number of social skills and intellectual understandings that will propel her along the path to enlightenment .” - Jaymang Buddhist Center. Even though Buddhism is a less popular religion, Buddhism is the future of American society because Buddhism offers a less constricting option and a major stress relief to its followers.
Buddhism is able to inform its followers on the constant changes of life and how one may take advantage of those changes for the better without telling them how to live their lives. Through the practice of meditation and other basic principles Buddhism allows its followers to take a step back from reality. Meditation allows is users to work on the mind during that drop from reality. One of the main focuses of Buddhism is the promotion of developing the mind into a more positive one. Buddhism often teaches the characteristics of calmness, and awareness of ones surroundings. Furthermore, Buddhism wants the follower to become completely aware of oneself in order to help those around them. Many people are drawn to Buddhism from its influence on many different humanitarian projects and industries. However, in North American a new culture is rising. The Buddhist Geeks is an online Buddhist media company that promotes Buddhism through weekly podcast and annual conferences. From the journal of Global Buddhism author Ann Gleig writes “Moreover, not only has Buddhism crossed geographical boundaries, it has also moved through cultural epochs from the Agrarian Age, to the Industrial Age, and now into the Information Age, a period in which rapid technological development is “altogether changing our understanding of what it means to be human” (Gleig, 18). Gleig writes about the movement of the Buddhist Geeks. Her statement is a truly monumental one that every human desires to know; why do we exist? Buddhism may not have the answer to this question, but the Buddhist Geeks of North America seem to be understanding something because their podcast have been download over 1 million times. Thus giving extreme exposer for Buddhism in the west.
The rise of Buddhism in America began almost fifty years ago. Buddhism...

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