Why Canada Is A Great Place To Live In

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My CanadaI am grateful to live in Canada and to be a Canadian. During times like these, when we're at the verge at World War 3, Canada is the only place to be. Canada is a place of equality, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms prove that quite easily. It is a place where different races from all around the world can live in peace and harmony. It is my Canada. My home.Canada is probably one of the safest place to be, if you're allies with the U.S., but then again it may be not. We're a peaceful country that would rather talk things out than to fight things out. We don't want to fight in a war unless we have to; the history of Canada shows that clearly. This keeps us safe, but unfortunately we were forced into this war, afraid of disapproval from the U.S. We are now no longer safe, but at least the U.S. will protect and save us if we do get attacked.We aren't stronger than the U.S. in the military, but we are stronger then them in human equality. We believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter what race, sex, or class you are in. We even brought in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to uphold our beliefs. Canada is the perfect place to be if you want to have the freedom to do anything, as long as it doesn't break the laws. Some people take advantage of our freedoms, and try to get away with criminal acts...

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