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Why Charity? Essay

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There are many forms of charity spread throughout America. Many organizations are new but the idea of charity has been around since humans learned to feel compassion. A common misconception is that the only way to give charity is to donate money. Although it’s obvious that money can be help there are so many other ways to help. More than ever Americans are donating their time and money to various organizations trying to help others. The American economy hasn’t been this bad since the Great Depression. “Charitable giving in the United States exceeded $300 billion for the second year in a row in 2008” (“GivingUSA Foundation,” 2009, p. 1). This raises the question of why people donate to charities. There is not one answer to this question because every person has different reason and circumstances. While some people involved with charities may have the best intentions, people of the same organization could have the worst. Often, it is hard to tell the difference. Finding out why people donate to charity could help judge which charities are worthy of you time and money. Why people give to charity is effected by many factors such as the meaning of life, personal needs, religion, and organizations.
Many search for the meaning of life, lives have been devoted to this very cause but there has never been a clear answer. We search for this by trying to connect with others and the world around us. Many believe a good start to find the meaning of life is to help others. Starting on this journey can sometimes lead to a euphoric feeling of I am on the right path. The meaning of life is created individually. It can change with each person but some things remain constant. In “The Meaning of Life” (2008), it says that “Another uncontroversial element of the sense of “meaningfulness” is that it connotes a good that is conceptually distinct from happiness or rightness People try to find the meaning of life, majorly, through good things” (para. 7). We are frequently misguided by deceptive companies that make us believe products would make our lives perfect. Although I think people are finally starting to realize that this is not the case. America has only been concerned with power and wealth and this mentality has spread throughout the country. America’s conquest for monetary prosperity has led it nowhere and now more than ever the country is on the edge of collapsing. Americans seem to be slowly realizing this is not the answer. Only by obtaining peace with others and the world can we truly be a prosperous species. This leads many people who are searching for the meaning of life to donate and volunteer.
Personal needs are a very necessary part of how our civilization works. From the beginning of your day until the end it is fueled by personal needs. How you direct these needs is the most important part. Our need to feel good is a main reason why people donate to charity. Humans feel good helping others, it is in our nature. Although...

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