Why Children Choose To Stay Quiet About Being Sexually Abused

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Starting from preschool, teachers and my parents have always taught me don’t talk to strangers. In elementary school, they would always send out papers about the nearest predators in your city and it always astounded me the amount of predators that were around my area. It almost felt like there predators on every street. In today’s society it amazes me how much life has change from then to now. Back in the day, you were able to leave your child playing outside for hours without you even checking on them, but in today’s society you can’t even have your child play outside for more than hour without you checking on them every half hour. Now, as an adult, I always watch television shows about children who have been sexually abused, by either a family friend, a relative and even by a neighbor. It makes me think who do you trust now a days. From watching these shows, I always wondered why children stay quiet about being sexually abused.
In my college Psychology class, we had to write about a movie that dealt with personality disorders. I chose to write about a movie called Sybil. Sybil was girl who was sexually, emotionally and physically abused by her mother. Because of her rough childhood she developed a multiple personality disorder. Sybil had at least thirteen different personalities. A different personality came out depending on the situation and emotion she was feeling. She always kept quiet about her past until she became adult. As she kept going through therapy, she learned to love herself and accept her multiple personality disorder.
From watching this movie, I realized how damaging it can be to a child being not only sexually abused, but physically and emotionally abused. It opened my eyes to see how long term effects it has on children, and how being abused affects every little thing they do. They have to live with the memory throughout the rest of their lives. Even though watching the movie was heartbreaking, the question of why children stay quiet about being sexually abused, still kept in my head.
As I was in the library, I came across a book that was relevant to the topic I am discussing now. The book was by Margaret- Ellen Pipe, Michael Lamb, Yael Orbach, Ann-Christin Cederborg, it was called Child Sexual Abuse. In this book it has many articles and topics relevant to child sexual abuse. I came across an article written by Maragert- Ellen Pipe, Michael Lamb, Yael Orbach, Kathleen Sterngerg, Heather Stewart and Philip Esplin. The article was about Factors Associated with Nondisclosure of Suspected Abuse during Forensic Interviews. This article goes into more deeply why it is that children don’t make allegations about being sexually abused. The way the child is being interviewed can make a big impact on how the child decides to open up. The child’s intellect on how they are mentally, if they are educated or not can affect them to reach out. Also, gender and age has a role to play with why they don’t make allegations, boys are...

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