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Why Choosing The Right Career Is Important

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There comes a time in life where we have to make a huge choice that will point our life ahead in the direction we think we want it to go and if you don’t make the right choice you could end up living off of minimum wage or even end up without a home to live in. One of the first steps in insuring that you make the right choice you have to have a very good education. When you have an idea of what you'd like to do, you need to start looking at what kind of education you need to achieve that career, because most careers now require certain amounts of education (McQuerrey). Research and make sure that it’s what you really want to do, but never over stress yourself with it and at first you may be ...view middle of the document...

Eat healthy, exercise, don’t be afraid of new things, and most importantly it’s never too late to change. You could work a job for 20 years and one day decide that’s not what you want to do anymore, and when that time comes don’t just shoot it down and start to not love what you do. If something is important to you prove it, fight for what you want to do and for what you believe is right or wrong don’t let anyone take that from you”. Sitting back and thinking I realized he is right and you need to do everything it seems like for yourself now a days, just make sure it’s what you want to do. Being respectful can get you a long ways also if you go into your new job with a bad attitude and you’re mean to everyone, you won’t be like and unless you are some kind of phenomenon at what you do than it’s also safe to say you may not be working there much longer because nobody want to have to deal with someone complaining about another person’s attitude. So just be polite and be kind it could help you out and maybe even get you better jobs as you continue on through your career and life (McQuerrey). Don’t be afraid to do something that is unorthodox and don’t be afraid to do something like start your own business instead of becoming employed to someone else because if you’re your own boss you can do almost anything you well want to. Try to be a role model with...

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