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Why do Christians leave the faith? Is it because church gets boring or a force of habit? Do they see other Christians acting the same as the lost people? Or is it because their questions are very complex and cannot be answered? For years people have asked these questions, and they have not found the source of the problem. Many people believe that the church as a whole has failed to do its job of containing members. This may contribute to the problem, but it is definitely not the only source. The source of this problem is somewhere in the mind of the believer that decided to turn away. One day a thought or an occurrence triggered them to turn away from their previous faith. If people ever want to find the source of this situation they will have to start by asking deeper more mature questions like: Do other religions look satisfying? Are other sources having a greater influence on believers? Is a “virus” in the church causing people to turn away from Christ? These are examples of the more intense questions that need to be asked, and the answers to these questions need to be dissected and taken piece by piece to help solve this magnificent problem. Through a series of investigations and interviews we can find the answer to why Christians leave the faith, and why most leave during their teenage years.
Jen Bradbury has been a youth minister for a long time now. He engages his students in topics that he believes are relevant to them. Topics such as: Alcohol, sex, friendships, relationships, and the future. Jen notices that some of his students have
drifted off and have become almost invisible when it comes to church. He also states that only a few of his students now attend church. Jen’s approach to how he taught his students is not out of the ordinary or frowned upon. It is actually very common and used by most youth ministers. It is also common for youth ministers to notice a decrease in the youth population in the church. But why is it that the students leave. Most ministers believe that the youth group becomes boring and nonchalant. They also believe that the majority of the problem occurs during the early years of college ( Sticky Faith).
During the last years of high school and college something happens to students. They become caught up in the worries of college and friends and other “important” things surrounding their everyday life. Students relationships with Christ weaken and become inevitable in some cases. Most believe that the students become so caught up in the other things that ministers are teaching them about that their thought process changes into believing that you need to live a good life. This happens because Christ now a days is rarely mentioned in majority of youth ministries. Therefore, youth are not meaning to drift away from Christ they are simply easing in to a mind set that allows them to believe that Christ is of equal importance to living a good life (Sticky Faith).
Along comes the first year of college....

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