Why Christmas Sweaters Are So Ugly Coil Charter School Assignment

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Aidan Bennewise
Mrs. Trinko
Grade 7Why Christmas Sweaters are so ugly
Do you ever think: “Why are Ugly Christmas Sweaters so ugly?” Well this story I have for you today may be able to answer that question.
You see once upon a time and all that jazz there was a 12 year boy with a family of five. He had two parents, an annoying little brother, and his big bossy bro. He lived an unhappy life until his twelve Christmas… You see not every Christmas is happy and fun, so let me show how bad Christmas can be. His name was Danny and was as happy as can be. But on this Christmas his he got changed and so did his personality.
He was a good boy and waited for Santa Claus each and every year, but never saw him. Finally one year he saw him, SANTA CLAUS. Danny dodged the memory erasing dust and his sticky candy from in the depths of his beard. Until, Santa stopped and put down his presents calmly. Then, he ran away as quickly as his jolly fat body could go. Santa used the time he had in his workshop to get people to stop seeing him so easily. He tried disguises, invisibility, even scariness yet nothing worked then he looked at the sweater Mrs. Claus made him. It was ugly, it was perfect. He put on the sweater and ran out the door into his sled and said, “Hip Hip HOORAY!”He went back Danny’s...

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