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Why Civic Day Should Be Changed To Simcoe Day

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The Civic Holidays take place annually on the 1st of August. Almost every adult takes a day off of work without thinking what this day meant in the history of Canada. The Toronto City Council has tried, every year, to change the dull and meaningless name of the "Civic Holidays" into "Simcoe Day." Why is this a good idea? Well first off, it has a special purpose to honour John Graves Simcoe, the first governor of Upper Canada. The name "Simcoe Day" also gives the listlessly named day a bit more colour and attraction. Also it adds well-deserved meaning to the day, a meaning in which we realize why we get the day off. I consider these three main reasons are excellent enough for the name to be changed let alone with the rest of the many reasons.John Graves Simcoe, the first governor of Upper Canada, arrived in Kingston in 1792 with his wife, Elizabeth, and his two children. But why should we honour him? Well, Simcoe was one of the most energetic and wise leaders of all time and put in a great framework of laws and policies for the next governors. Simcoe changed the history of Canada to its benefit, yet probably most of Canada's population has not even heard of him let alone his accomplishments. What better way to honour Simcoe and to make people ponder about his deeds than name a holiday after him?A good, well thought out and interesting name is always better than a dull and done let's go, kind of name. The name Simcoe Day may not be an amazing, attention-grabbing name but it is well thought out and suitable for the...

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