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Why Civilizations Fall Essay

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“Too much of a good thing can end up being a bad thing”. During the time period 500ad to 1500ad many civilizations were progressing. Unfortunately, there were also many Empires that progressed too much causing them to be unsustainable and fail. However, if they fell, it is usually for one larger reason. Whether it was the Empire disagreeing in religion, having weak leadership, or uninhabitable geography, when civilizations like the Mongolian Empire, Roman Empire, or the Islamic Empire got too great or too large, they collapsed.
For a civilization to be sustainable it has to have a great leader and ways of communication. Without these qualities, ruling an Empire is close to impossible. The ...view middle of the document...

When civilization lack in geography it ends up working as a disadvantage towards them. Because the Mongolians lived on the Steppe, they did not have many resources of their own. They had easy access to trade through the silk roads for trading items like, “copper, gold, livestock, animal products, cashmere or wool” and conquering other places. However, the Steppe’s geography was uninhabitable with no water, lots of wind, no trees, no shade, and it was either very hot or very cold. This was helpful for the Mongols because they had no invaders since people did not want to live there. Unfortunately, they could never switch to farming and it was hard to live there for a long period of time. The Roman Empire had a pretty fair geography. It was a hilly area with warm summers, cold winter, and lots of rain. If the civilization had not become too large they would have been able to switch to farming. As the Roman Empire grew, they began to run out of food causing the population to decline. The Islamic empire was mostly in desert areas. However it was “not all a wilderness of sand. It has considerable variety in the configuration of its surface, the salient features of which are broiling sand, mauve mountains, jagged gulches, grotesque peaks spiking a copper sky, friable rocks, flinty plains, startling geometrical and conical shapes of crags, constantly shifting sand dunes and oases, and mirages of lakes, streams and gardens.”
If everyone believed in the same ideas and ways of living, life would have been a lot smoother for the Empires. But, with their civilizations growing so juristically, the Mongolian and Roman people had a very difficult time staying united as whole Empires. The Mongols never had big urban Centers for people to go to because they continuously were expanding. The Mongolians were not forced to believe and follow any religion which caused the people to separate into their own groups. Some people believe that, “if the Mongols were to rule the territories that they had subjugated, they would need to adopt some of the institutions and...

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