Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Tyson Hartnett of The Huffington Post once said “Even with any type of scholarship, college athletes are typically dead broke.” This quote regards a tremendous controversy that has been talked about for the past few years. He talks about whether or not college athletes should be paid for their duties. Despite the fact college athletes are not professionals, they should most certainly be paid for playing for their respective schools due to many factors. These factors include health risks and the income bring in for their colleges as well as to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Dr. Pietro Tonino stated that “College athletes are putting themselves at risk for health ...view middle of the document...

Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Association, said "the bottom line is schools are not on the hook for one penny. I don't think players know what to expect." (al.com). The truth is the NCAA and the colleges within it do not take enough responsibility for their players, whether it be during their college tenure or after.
There are certain facts that must be stated. The first is that the college that brings in the most money from college athletics is Alabama. According to espn.go.com, the Crimson Tide makes nearly one hundred twenty four million dollars every year, and forty four million of that comes purely from ticket sales. The other significant statistic is the average athletic scholarship is worth only about eleven thousand dollars (usnews.com). There are approximately twenty college sports governed by the NCAA. If Alabama had every single one of these sports, and gave athletic scholarships of eleven thousand dollars to every athlete, they would be paying a total of approximately four and a half million dollars in athletic scholarships. This number is less than four percent of the income made for just one year’s worth of college athletics. The one hundred twenty four million dollars only include the revenue from athletics. It excludes everything else. If the other money was taken into account, the number would be much higher. One would think that Alabama should be able to give up just eighteen percent of the athletic income and distribute it evenly to the student-athletes who are going out onto the field or court and, in most cases, putting their health on the line. Even after giving out about four times what the average scholarship is, that would still leave Alabama with over one hundred million dollars in revenue, excluding everything except the college athletics income. Alabama is just an example, but that does not mean Alabama and other schools should not take action in reality.

Furthermore, college coaches, or in this example, college football coaches make a very large sum of money. The Alabama head coach Nick Saban was recently signed to a seven million dollar contract. In other words, he makes seventeen and a half times the salary of the president of the United...

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